Els Berros de la Cort


Els Berros de la Cort is a Catalan band with more than 20 years of experience performing concerts with a powerful and festive new music in tune with the most contemporary folk music. They also perform street acts with medieval inspiration and repertoire.

The band has published four albums (Els Berros de la Cort (2006), Egregore (2009), Los nòstres vices e pecats (2012) and Torb (2019), and has wide  international experience with performances and street shows all over Europe.

In 2016, in parallel to their own shows, the group made a first incursion into the theatre world, creating and interpreting live music at La Taverna dels Bufons, one of the outstanding shows of Barcelona’s theatre billboard, starring Joan Pera, Carles Canut and Dafnis Balduz. The play was directed by Martí Torras Mayneris – who wrote the piece together with Denise Duncan – compiling fragments from different works by William Shakespeare. La Taverna dels Bufons ran a season at Teatre Romea in Barcelona from December 2016 until February 2017, with almost 60 shows and was seen by thousands of spectators.

Els Berros de la Cort has also experience in the composition and creation of music for audio-visual projects, such as La llegenda de Sant Jordi (2014), a cinematic adaptation of one of the most deeply ingrained stories of Catalan culture, written and directed by Arnau Olivé and Noemí Stängel; or Història d’un futur (2014), a documentary by Marc Clarió and Bernat Garrigós that collects the vision of the elderly about the independence process in Catalonia, in which the group made the whole soundtrack.

During all these years the band has created a distinctive sonority and musical aesthetic, using period instruments that are also very present in traditional Catalan music (gralla, tarota, sac de gemecs, hurdy-gurdy, mandola, percussion), which have served to make a re-reading of the medieval repertoire in tune with the folk music of today.

Now, with Torb, they forge for the first time a repertoire of their own creation.

New paths open for Els Berros de la Cort; with the same soul as before, rekindled with a new flame.