Considering the rest of instruments in Els Berros de la Cort as traditional ones, we could have the bass clarinet as a modern instrument. We can find its origins in the XVIII century but who leaded the final upgrades was Adolphe Sax (inventor of the Saxophone) in 1836. It is considered a woodwind transposing instrument, tuned in B flat and really close to the rest of clarinet considering the mouthpiece and reeds. Due to its size and to ease execution, its shape became from being straight to a non usual shape, having now the final part of the bell and the neck totally curved. It has also a floor peg, helping to hold all the instrument, as it happens in the double bass. It is usually made of ebony wood and we can find several keys which allow to have a totally chromatic instrument.

It is traditionally found in the orchestras and concert bands… so we can say we are pioneers in using the bass clarinet in roots music. Els Berros de la Cort get with the bass clarinet  (one octave under the soprano clarinet) a sound power with an impressive bass sound, great for our necessities.

This instrument is the first to break the wall of the “traditional” concept in the group. We needed this bass sound to contrast with the wind section we have had in the group until now and it has solved our needs perfectly.