Street show: Medieval

Els Berros de la Cort offer a street show with a vibrant repertory of medieval adaptations: thousand-year-old music, melodies from northern and southern Europe, both pagan and religious. Fantastic costumes and a powerful sound invite the audience to a travel back in time to the medieval Mediterranean. 

Hundreds of performances in the circuit of medieval festivals and fairs for more than 20 years have established Els Berros de la Cort as one of the most renowned medieval music bands in Southern Europe.

Festival Ítaca



Concert: Torb

Els Berros de la Cort in concert present the new album Torb. Released in  autumn 2019, Torb is the fourth album of the Catalan band, a work with a strong personality, connecting tradition and innovation.

Els Berros de la Cort present for the first time a repertoire of entirely original compositions.  A new creation that maintains the group’s characteristic Catalan and Mediterranean sound cultivated through more than two decades of research and reinterpretation of medieval music.

 A unique proposal in the field of world music because of the arrangements and the singular use of period and traditional instruments; instruments that have long histories yet are still alive and present in today’s Catalan folk music.

Torb. Fires de Girona 2019